The format

The latest programme can be viewed HERE.

Sessions include:

  • Towards a sustainable, safe, and healthy food future
  • New food products – focus on production technologies
  • New food products – risk assessment and regulatory issues
  • New food products – risk management
  • The future of livestock and aquaculture farming
  • Innovation in food ingredients and supplements
  • Standard and certifications
  • Food waste reduction and recycling

Each session will be introduced by independent experts and well-known opinion leaders from the academic world and/or from a consultancy company, giving a clear picture of the necessary changes and setting reasonable goals for the near future. After this introduction, selected managers form the agro-food business will report their experiences in the development and management of sustainable, safe, and healthy food products with examples of transparency, integrity, and co-operation along the food and feed chain. Moreover, technical sessions will be held where companies will get the opportunity to introduce their solutions for the FoodRevolution, e.g., innovative technologies, services or products.

In addition, an interactive workshop on ‘Driving food safety innovation’ will be organized in co-operation with ILSI Europe and the EU Horizon project CATALYSE. For more information, view HERE.